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‘Orkney Uncovered’ is a unique tour company offering private
guided Orkney Tours, specialising in Wartime and Ancient Orkney.

Orkney Uncovered is proud to be working in partnership with Rick Steves Europe, on his TV show. This programme will give an overview of the Orkney Islands with Orkney Uncovered.

Filming is now completed and the series will air on PBS in December 2018

Here are some previews –

Orkney’s Prehistoric Wonders

Crouching down to squeeze through the passage of the most amazing prehistoric chambered tomb north of the Alps, I kept thinking, “For 5,000 years people have lowered their heads to enter this sacred space.” As our Rick Steves’ Europe crew was hard at work, I took a moment to grab this clip to share Orkney’s Maeshowe burial mound with you. Watch your head!

Posted by Rick Steves on Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Blown Away by Orkney’s Stone Age

Orkney is blanketed with the stony remains of a thriving Neolithic community. And Skara Brae illustrates how these Neolithic people hunkered down in subterranean homes, connected by tunnels and lit only by whale-oil lamps. I’m here with the Rick Steves’ Europe crew, filming this underground village for one of three new episodes about Scotland. We made a point to have an hour here before the arrival of the cruise ships. Standing there on that desolate bluff, all alone with these ruins, I marveled at how all of this was accomplished without the use of metal tools. This was the Stone Age — before people learned to use metals. The Stone Age!__See more from behind the scenes of our Scotland shoot at https://blog.ricksteves.com/blog/category/scotland.

Posted by Rick Steves on Monday, 13 August 2018



Visit both familiar and unfamiliar key sites and structures during WWI, WWII on Scapa Flow and Fortress Orkney. Come on a journey with us and discover Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age Orkney.

Our Wartime tours offer fascinating anecdotes, commentary and visual aids, uncovering the past both historically and socially, painting a picture of what life was like for those personnel who defended the shores of the Orkney Islands. Learn why Orkney played a key role in protecting the British Grand and Home Fleets based on Scapa Flow during WWI and WWII.

Our Ancient tours offer you the chance to be guided around  Britain’s “Ancient Capital”. See amazing Stone Age sites, such as Skara Brae, the Ring of Brodgar, the Ness of Brodgar. Visit Iron Age sites such as the Broch of Gurness, which has amazing views overlooking Eynhallow Sound and the island of Rousay. Discover how these ancient people lived and delve deeper into the history of Orkney’s ancient past.

Orkney Uncovered Tours offer you a variety of Private and Set tours – Private tours are tailored to your wishes and interests. Our expertise and extensive knowledge guarantees you the ultimate Orkney experience.