Our Hoy Adventurer Tour explores the island of Hoy, steeped in Wartime History. If you are looking for something a little different, try our Old Man of Hoy Walking Tour.

  • Scapa Flow
    Overview of Scapa Flow during WWI and WWII
  • WWII Munitions Factory Lyness
    Visit what remains of a WWII Munitions factory. Very interesting site, gives you a real feel of how important Lyness was in Orkney’s defences in WWII.
  • Martello Tower & Hackness Battery
    Guided tour of Napoleonic Fort which also played a vital defence role in WWI and WWII. Learn about the defensive strategy of Crockness and Hackness Martello Towers.
  • Longhope Fishing village
    Overview of Longhope village and the important part it played during WWI and WWII. See Longhope Sound and hear about the protection it provided for merchant ships during the Napoleonic Era.
  • Wee Fea Hill and Scenic views
    Overview of WWII Naval Headquarters and Communication CentreVisit the site of the WWII underground oil installation base. Learn about its construction, oil capacity, purpose and the Golden Wharf. Lyrawa Hill
    Visit Lyrawa Hill viewpoint and see spectacular views out over the Western Approaches to Scapa Flow.
  • Rackwick Beach – Visit Rackwick beach and go on a short walk to the Bothy. See beautiful views over the Rackwick sea cliffs and Pentland Firth
  • Dwarfie Stane  – Visit this superb 5000 year old Neolithic Chambered Tomb, carved out of a huge slab of Devonian bedrock.
  • Lunch at the Beneath the Hill Café – Beautiful views over the Hoy hills and various seascapes. Delicious choice of freshly prepared local foods.
  • Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery
    Visit the Lyness Naval Cemetery where heroes lie from both World Wars.
  • HMS Proserpine
    An overview of amazing sites and structures at Lyness Naval Base during WWI and WWII.
  • Scapa Flow Visitor Centre and Museum
    Fantastic!! A must for WWI and WWII enthusiasts or anyone interested in Orkney’s wartime history.
  • Arctic Convoys Memorial
    Visit this newly erected Arctic Memorial, unveiled by Russian and British WWII Veterans in May 2013.
  • Air Raid Shelter
    Take a step back in time and see inside and walk through the main Air Raid Shelter for Lyness Naval Base in WWII.

Old Man of Hoy Walking Tour

Should you wish to walk the Old Man of Hoy, this walk is guided and takes approximately 3 hours round trip from Rackwick Beach car park. 

Please note that this tour is weather dependent and terrain is moderate to difficult. You will require a certain level of fitness in which to walk to the Old Man of Hoy and back. We would recommend taking the early 8am ferry across to Hoy as this will give you time to have a good lunch after the walk and see some of the other excellent sites outlined above.

If you would like more information or to enquire about this tour, please do contact us