Rousay the ‘Great Island of the Dead’

Short ferry journey of 25 minutes from Tingwall on Orkney’s Mainland to Rousay.

  • Eynhallow Sound – Journey over Eynhallow Sound to the island of Rousay. Overview of the Iron Age fortifications that once dominated the area. Beautiful views over the sea. We will try and spot a variety of sea birds and sea mammals.
  • Trumland Visitor Centre – Great interpretation centre of Rousay’s history from ancient times to present day. We will spend about 10 minutes here.
  • Blackhammer and Taversoe Tuick – We will take a short journey to visit these impressive Neolithic cairns. Human and animal remains were found inside, along with a number of other items including flint.
  • Midhowe Cairn – This Neolithic cairn dates from around 3500BC and is one of the largest of its kind at 23 meters long (75ft). The tomb is an impressive site, which has a large shelter over the top of it. The remains of 25 individual were found when excavated.
  • Lunch – Light lunch at the Taversoe Hotel or Pier Head bar.
  • Midhowe Broch – Visit this impressive Iron Age fortification. Built by the Pictish people, there would have been a number of these around Rousay’s shores.
  • Crannogs – We will visit the site of two Iron Age fortified settlements on artificial islands known as Crannogs, which sit on the beautiful Wasbister Loch.
  • Saviskaill – From Wasbister Loch we take a short drive to Saviskaill Beach. Here we will do our best to spot seals and a number of sea birds. This is a very sheltered beach. We could have a flask of tea and some Orkney biscuits.

Scenic drive to ferry – Ferry back to Tingwall.

Our exclusive tour vehicle accommodates up to 7 guests. If you would like more information or to enquire about this tour send an enquiry directly from this website.